Accelerate SDG’s



We provide policy inputs and guidance in order to create Sustainable Cities and make SDG 13 a reality

Planning and Design

We bring knowledge to translate thoughts to actions SDG 7, SDG 9, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13

Data Science

We base decision making on data science and analytics. Everything we do will involve unlocking benefits of data.

Urban Morph & SDG’s

Increase renewable usage

With EV transition picking up at a rapid pace, its important to revaluate the supply chain and accelerate the move to generate more energy from renewables. Project SUN uses the power of incentives to increase rooftop solar adoption. If you wish to collaborate, get in touch.


Oorulabs is an incubator that supports SME’s and innovators with services so as to accelerate the switch to sustainable living. If you are an innovator or looking to fund one, get in touch.

Engagement & Behaviour change

The outcomes of Policy, Planning, Design & Data is a shift in behaviour of the citizen. Adoption and consumption patterns begin to alter. Sustainable cities grow from ground up, community by community, creating leaders and adopters. Do you want to join us in the journey? Get in touch.

Zero waste to landfill

While reducing consumption remains the primary goal it has become necessary to increase the ability to manage waste locally. Urban Morph solutions aim to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. We use technology led gamification like Earthwarriors club to achieve results. Looking to engage? Get in touch.

Clean air & Transport

Urban Morph has been at the forefront of the battle against transport led emissions, that form a major component in large urban areas. Its marquee technology led #CycleToWork platform has been a game changer in creating a national movement around non-motorised transport. We are scaling this to Electric Vehicles to hasten the transition. Interested? Get in touch.


Our MoU with Catapult UK allows us to create test beds for innovators in the energy transition space.

The Clean Air Street is one of the first living labs piloted in the city with support from both Govt of UK and Govt of Karnataka. Read the press coverage here

Our association with BYCS, Netherlands has allowed us to take the CycleToWork leaderboard to the global stage.

PC: Claudio Schwarz (unsplash)